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Welcome to Bahou Prompts. This website contains all my GPTs with descriptions and links. My whole goal is to create GPTs that would help people overcome their problems. I have spent alot of time perfecting my Prompt Engineering skills to be able to help you. Please take a look at all the GPTs. Finally if you enjoy and find any of my GPTs useful feel free to donate using the link at the top of the page. Happy to help!

Udio Composer

1000 uses!

Designed to help users craft detailed prompts for song creation, tailoring suggestions to musical genre, mood, and instrumentation, and enhancing user's existing ideas for innovative, copyright-respecting musical compositions.This GPT is ChatGPT that supposedly uses the new GPT-4.5-Turbo API. Same GPT-4 prompt but substituting GPT-4 with GPT-4.5-Turbo. Reported to run faster than other GPTs by users.

Recruitment Aid

This GPT assists HR professionals and Candidate alike by creating in-depth and nuanced candidate assessments, adaptable to a variety of input formats and fields of expertise.

Compliance Guard

Keep Your GPTs Alive!

This GPT Assists GPT makers by checking if their GPTs adhere to OpenAI's usage policies. Compliance Guard gives an indication of what you need to fix/change by checking the name, description and instructions.

Bored - The Board Game Maestro

This GPT is designed to aid in crafting engaging and balanced gameplay. It specializes in the artistry of game creation, offering strategic insights and image generation to visualize game themes.

Link - The GPT Finder

300 Uses!

This GPT is your guide to an extensive array of tailored GPTs, ensuring you find the perfect AI tool for any task at hand. Contains links 20k+ GPTs.

Arabizi Interpreter

This GPT is an AI that translates between English, Arabizi, and Arabic script, considering regional dialects and slang. Arabizi is a slang Arabic typing style using English characters.

Social Butterfly

This GPT is for individuals seeking to enhance their social lives, whether you are looking to expand your friend circle, find like-minded people, or simply get better at maintaining current relationships.


This GPT crafts professional and courteous requests to extend your deadlines. They can be in the form of emails, messages or whatever you require.

Alibi - The Excuse Maker

This GPT crafts smart, believable excuses on-the-fly for those 'need-to-skip' moments. Tap into discretion and creativity for an out that's both ethical, convincing and original.

Mystic Makeover 🔮

This GPT transforms you into a wizard or a witch with Mystic Makeover. Your photos reimagined in a magical, Harry Potter-inspired style! 🪄🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️✨

JEST - The Dual-Faced Complimenter

This GPT is the master of the art of conversation. It provides you with compliments to yourself or to one of your loved ones. Jest also provides a devil mode which can be used for some fun banter. Enjoy !


This GPT makes any A.I. generated text less detectable by A.I. detectors. Humanize any text. Make it more human !


This GPT is the most confident GPT out there. It performs and gives answers without doubting itself. It will correct you if you give wrong suggestions. Bringing back the confidence to ChatGPT!

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